Past Webinars

Use of Social Media in Foodservice

Get tips and strategies for crafting compelling social media strategies, explore best practices for content creation and engagement through visual storytelling, and uncover effective methods for measuring social media ROI.

Watch the webinar and gain actionable insights for utilising social media effectively in the foodservice sector!

Mia Sisko, Founder & Head of Growth at Clover Marketing
Rosie Ranck, Director – Marketing & Digital Platforms at J.L.Lennard

How to Successfully Pitch Your Business Workshop

Learn how to develop your Unique Value Proposition using the six pillars that make a great pitch and how to weave that into a story to create active listeners from your audience.

Learn how to adapt your pitch for different audiences and formats to get results. This workshop will allow you to work on your company using tools and frameworks to improve your business pitch.

Phil Ore, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at 25eight

Data4Growth – Designing Insights for Profits

Get an understanding of how to extract actionable and unknown insights from your existing customer data and use these findings to direct your financial and operational strategy.

Learn how to find hidden profit opportunities from your existing customer cohort and map out how to capture those profits with little or no additional investment.

Craig Topp, Associate Director at Options Consulting Group
John Neal, Senior Partner at Options Consulting Group

Advance your manufacturing operation: Industry 4.0 practices

Learn how to stay at the forefront of digitisation and technological innovations with Industry 4.0.

Learn the importance of having a competitive advantage in the market, on a global scale and how this can be achieved through the implementation of Industry 4.0

Paul Hughes, Managing Director and CEO at Integra Systems
Erika Hughes, Commercial Director at Integra Systems

GTM Business Planning Masterclass

Take a deep dive into the positive impact of aligning your sales and marketing functions.

Master the knowledge of pipeline building and measurement through the sales funnel. Receive funnel management guidance along with tactics to equip your team.

Brett Bonser – Co-founder and Executive Director at