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Melbourne’s North Buying Group

Businesses that take part in group buying benefit from significant cost savings, reduced time sourcing suppliers and increased confidence that they are receiving value for money.

The Melbourne’s North Buying Group is exclusive to Melbourne’s North Food Group partners and is reducing costs for business areas across external costs such as ingredients, packaging, transport and manufacturing supplies.

Partners have been making savings since we opened our pilot category, micro testing and chemical analysis, in June 2020.


“I’m impressed with the service I’ve received from [The Buying Group’s micro testing provider]. They came and collected the samples and had the result within a week. Absolutely fantastic service and at fraction of the price I was previously paying too!”

Deb Graham, Founder, Blue Pear Pantry (MNFG partner)

What is group buying?

Group buying leverages MNFG partner demand to secure competitive pricing and significant savings on a broad range of goods and services.

Partner businesses provide the MN Buying Group with data on their current demand, prices and suppliers. The MN Buying Group uses that data to conduct tender rounds to obtain the best price and best quality.

MNFG partners in the buying group can then order directly from the supplier at no extra cost and with no obligation to purchase.

How businesses benefit from group buying

Goods and services spend can make up 80 per cent of a food manufacturer’s cost base. Group buying provides a fast, effective and low risk option to reduce operational costs for businesses.

MN Buying Group sources suppliers who are committed to giving MNFG partners value, while providing access to a network of clients for suppliers.

Value is created for businesses by:

  • consolidating volumes to increase their buying power
  • using industry leading sourcing practices and methodologies
  • addressing multiple spend categories quickly
  • providing ongoing vendor management and continuous improvement.

Suppliers benefit from:

  • access to an expanding community of food and beverage producers
  • increased sale volumes
  • lower customer acquisition costs.
Group buying

The green highlights show categories that the Buying Group will complete in 2020. The remaining categories will come online in 2021.

The percentages indicate the industry average savings that are being made.

group buying categories


How to get involved

Interested in buying?

All MNFG partners are eligible to access these group buying opportunities. Businesses that are interested in purchasing must be an MNFG partner.

To learn more about current group buying opportunities, contact Margaret at or, or register interest by completing this form.

Interested in supplying?

MNFG will communicate tenders for upcoming group buying opportunities as demand for specific goods and services are established. Suppliers of specified goods and services are selected through a tender process. Businesses can contact David if they would like to learn about current tenders at


Recent webinar

Peter Cook explains updates on the MN Buying Group, particularly around plastic packaging, climate control freight, waste management, agency labour, cleaning, fuel, MRO (maintenance, repair and operations consumables). MNFG partner Rebecca Honner from Rizo Desserts shares her experience of working with the MN Buying Group and Kieran Hopkins from SGS Laboratories talks about the microtesting, audit and certification offering. View the presentation slides here.



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Melbourne’s North Food Group

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