Find essential and useful COVID-19 business information and support regarding current restrictions, funding options, initiatives and other resources.

Essential business information

Restrictions by industry

  • The DHHS provides up to date information on restrictions in place for each industry.
  • Visit the Business Victoria page to find frequently asked questions from each industry.

Industry roadmap

The Victorian Government’s roadmap details how restrictions will ease and what businesses in each industry are required to do as milestones towards COVID Normal are reached.

COVIDSafe Plan

The Victorian Government requires all operating business to have a COVIDSafe plan in place. Industries considered high risk are required to plan and implement a High Risk COVIDSafe PLan as specified by government guidelines.

Business financial and tax support

Business Resilience Package

The Victorian Government has committed $3 billion through the Business Resilience Package to help business impacted by ongoing restrictions. Cash grants, tax relief and cashflow support will be delivered to those most affected.

Key finance support

Tax relief and fee waivers and deferrals

  • $1.7 billion to defer payroll tax for businesses with payrolls up to $10 million for the full 2020-21 financial year.
  • $41 million to bring forward the 50 per cent stamp duty discount for commercial and industrial property for Regional Victoria.
  • $33 million to defer the planned increase in the landfill levy for six months.
  • $30 million to waive 25 per cent of the congestion levy this year, with the outstanding balance deferred.
  • $27 million in liquor licence fee waivers for 2021.
  • $6 million to waive Vacant Residential Land Tax for vacancies in 2020.

JobKeeper payments

From 28 September 2020, JobKeeper payments will continue to support businesses significantly impacted by COVID-19. Payments will be based on actual turnover in the relevant periods. The payment will be stepped down and paid at two rates. More info.

Tenancy relief

The Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme was introduced by the Victorian Government to alleviate financial hardship faced by tenants and landlords as a result of COVID-19. The scheme has been extended to 31 December 2020.

Instant asset write-off

The instant asset write-off threshold has been increased from $30,000 to $150,000 to provide cash flow benefits for businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million.

Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme

The Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme provides a guarantee for SME lenders for 50 per cent of new unsecured loans to be used for working capital.

Tax relief for businesses

The Australian Tax Office has provided an information page that details tax relief available to different types of businesses.

Melbourne’s North Food Group initiatives

Food and Beverage Exchange

The Food and Beverage Exchange is a Melbourne’s North Food Group platform where partner businesses display their eCommerce stores and wholesale product lists. More info.

Melbourne’s North Buying Group

The Melbourne’s North Buying Group aggregates demand from participating MNFG partners to reduce external cost areas such as ingredients, packaging, transport and manufacturing supplies. More info.

Current group buying options to support your COVIDSafe plan include:

  • face masks
  • COVID-19 deep cleans

MNFG events

Since the onset of COVID-19, MNFG has been hosting webinars that provide businesses with important information on:

  • government and industry grants and support
  • digital marketing
  • business planning
  • communication strategies
  • employment law.

Check out upcoming and past webinars here.

Business opportunities

Manufacturing tenders

The Australian Government is urging food and beverage businesses to sign up to the below portals, where tender and manufacturing opportunities are available to those with the capability.

Upskill My Business

Upskill My Business is a Business Victoria initiative provided to upskill employers or staff. There is a range of free short courses, webinars and up-to-date information available to help businesses get through COVID-19.

Government resources

The below links provide valuable information from government to support businesses through COVID-19.