Drive operational efficiencies and improvement in your business

Dunlop Consultants is providing free 30 minute Zoom consultations to businesses to help create efficiencies and make improvements. They specialise in process flow and waste, problem solving, employee engagement, leadership coaching, communication structures and much more. Dunlop Consultants will provide you with the expertise to help you drive change in your business.

For more information, please contact Paul Dunlop via


Antimicrobial fumigation method to help keep workplaces safe

MNFG business Crown Property Services is providing accredited antimicrobial fumigation (fogging) and sanitisation that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your workplace. Businesses can receive 30% off for areas over 1000m2 and 20% off for areas under 1000m2. Offer ends 21 July 2020. Fogging is being used during the pandemic to santise workplaces with suspected COVID-19 cases and for precautionary and preventative measures. Chemicals used in fogging are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and hospital grade. More info.


Exclusive home loan offer for MNFG businesses

Bank of Melbourne is kindly offering MNFG businesses exclusive home loan product offers that will give financial help during the pandemic. Receive up to .30% cashback of the value of your loan amount when you take out a new loan or refinance. More info.


Funding international and domestic freight routes

The Australian Government announced an additional $241.9 million to the International Freight Assistance Mechanism. The funding will help keep international freight routes and flights operating until the end if the year. More info.


Instant asset write-off threshold increases

The instant asset write-off threshold has increased from $30,000 to $150,000. The threshold improvement provides cash flow benefits for businesses that can immediately deduct purchases of eligible assets each costing less than $150,000. More info.


Mentoring support through Business Development Program

City of Whittlesea is coordinating a three month personalised business development program for businesses in the region. Successful applicants will work closely with a dedicated mentor who will provide assessments, support, tools and guidance specific to their situation. There is no cost to businesses and the advice will allow for a clear plan or strategy. Apply here.


Have you signed up for our Food and Beverage Exchange?

Our partners are using this platform to their eCommerce stores and wholesale product lists to buyers in the industry.

If you’re an MNFG partner and would like to display on this page, please email Tyler Harford


Identify cost savings in your electricity bill

MNFG partner Choice Energy is offering businesses assessments on electricity bills to identify cost saving opportunities. The recent drop in the wholesale market has meant businesses can secure low electricity rates but the window to act is small and the trend is already moving upward. Recently Choice Energy secured the typical Victorian business a 41 per cent saving on their previous electricity contract.

For more information contact Choice Energy on 1300 304 448 or


Short courses to upskill your workforce

The new Business Victoria Upskill My Business is a perfect opportunity to upskill yourself or staff. There’s a range of FREE short courses, webinars and up to date information available to help you get through this pandemic. Your local council is also providing much assistance and information for your business.


MNFG webinars

We have been hosting a series of webinars since the crisis has hit that’s given businesses information, skills and advice to help combat the impacts of the pandemic. Find the recordings to these webinars below.

  • How to increase your disposable income through salary packaging. Recording.
  • SEO fundamentals: Website health check. Recording.
  • Generating return on your marketing investment. Recording.
  • Improve energy efficiency, save costs and light up your workplace. Recording.
  • Local SEO: Get your foot traffic up. Recording.
  • Reinvent your business for the new future. Recording.
  • Gov4U: Advice, support and grants for small business webinar. Recording.
  • Chinese marketing in challenging times. Recording.
  • Reduce purchasing costs through group buying opportunities. Recording.
  • Food industry during COVID-19 and surviving a new recession. Recording.
  • Confident communication with staff and customers during a crisis. Recording.
  • What you can do to save costs on your electricity during this crisis. Recording.
  • Business recovery and insolvency considerations in the current environment. Recording.
  • Financial survival plan. Recording.
  • Tips to help your business survive during COVID-19. Recording.

If there are any topics you’d like to see covered please email


Industry support

Food Innovation Australia Limited platforms include:

Useful for your business:

  • A global sustainable packaging report has been released focusing on critical trends and advice for businesses to become more sustainable while maintaining profits. More info.
  • The Australia Government grants and programs page is a platform that centralises government grants, funding and support to help your business success. More info.
  • SalaryMasters is offering a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about salary packaging and novated leases. Book here.
  • ICAL has generously offered free warehouse storage for MNFG partners. Information here.
  • Matthews Steer is kindly offering MNFG partners a comprehensive review of their entitlements for $600. Information here.
  • This five-step small business survival plan will help your business through the crisis. Download here.
  • RetailWorld has given an insightful overview of the three most relevant government grants available to businesses. Read here.
  • Melbourne Innovation Centre is coordinating the Business Resilience program that provides businesses with free mentoring, online workshops and online resources. Information here.
  • The Victorian Tourism Industry Council has made their Essentials membership free for businesses. If you’re a business that benefits from tourism in your area then this will be for you. More info.
  • NAFDA Foodservice has provided a recovery toolkit for restaurants and cafes as they begin to open back up to the public. More info.
  • Business Victoria have released hospitality industry guidelines that restaurants and cafes must abide by if opening during the pandemic. More info.
  • The SME Guarantee Scheme will provide SMEs with timely access to working capital to help them get through the impact of the COVID-19. More info.
  • The Entrepreneurs Programme gives businesses access to expert advice and financial support that help progress business goals. More info.
  • Food manufacturers can speak with health experts to develop healthier products. FIAL Food Matrix allows for manufacturers to connect with experts to provide help with problems or ideas. More info.


Stay informed

  • The Treasury’s COVID-19 economic response page lists financial information that businesses can utilise to help during COVID-19. More info.
  • Export Finance Australia is an Australian Government established website that provides a range of support and finance for local exporters. More info.
  • The National Cabinet recently introduced a code for commercial and retail property leases to support SMEs. Read the FCW Lawyers summary here.
  • Food Innovation Australia Limited has released the Sector Competitiveness Plan, which details the current landscape and future of Australia’s food and agribusiness sectors. More info.
  • FCW is hosting weekly webinars focused on employee law and relations during the COVID-19 crisis. Register for their weekly webinars here.
  • The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has provided an information page with resources that businesses can use to help during this crisis. Find here.
  • Learn how to register your business on Amazon UAE and market yourself to the Middle East. Register here.
  • Austrade is providing a webinar on effective digital marketing strategies to penetrate Korea’s eCommerce market. Register here.
  • The IGNITE Food Passion is an online interactive series that will help you grow your food business idea. Register here.


International market insights and export webinars

Austrade has developed a page for exporters that provides market and logistics updates, and links through to the government’s business support program. The page lists insights in all major global markets, and includes a range of upcoming and past webinars. More info.


Find data to help your future business planning

MyVictoria is an open data tool that will help you make important decisions by uncovering demographic and industry insights. More info.


Economic Survival Package

The Victorian Government has established an unprecedented economic survival package to support Victorian businesses and workers through the devastating impacts of coronavirus. The combined support for businesses, workers and the community exceeds $3 billion. The Victorian Government has provided a fact sheet that details what the package include. More info.


Government support

Council COVID-19 support information and webinars:


The Australian Government is urging food and beverage businesses to sign up to the below portals, where tender and manufacturing opportunities are available to those with the capability.


Access JobKeeper

Matthews Steer has provided clarity on JobKeeper that will help businesses better understand the package. Read here.


International investors and customers

Austrade has provided an information page that details:

  • changes to investment screening thresholds
  • a high-resilience economy
  • support for Australian business
  • international customers.


Small business support fund

Small businesses can receive $10,000 in funding as part of the Victorian Government’s Business Support Fund to help mitigate the impacts from COVID-19. Information here.


Energy Efficient Communities Program

The Energy Efficient Communities Program will deliver $40 million in grants to help community groups and businesses lower their energy bills and reduce emissions. More info.


COVID-19 business support and financial assistance finder

Business Victoria has created a central platform where businesses can find support and assistance from all levels of government. More info.


Energy relief for small business

Energy Networks Australia has released a relief package for small business, which includes rebate on network charges for businesses struggling. Information here.


Help for exporters

The Australian Government recently announced that Australian exporters impacted by the COVID-19 crisis can now access business-saving loans of between $250,000 and $50 million. More information.


Tenants and landlords

The Victorian Government announced recently a commercial tenancy relief scheme to alleviate financial hardship faced by tenants and landlords as a result of COVID-19. Information here.


Business grants and information

  • Sole traders with no employees may be eligible to JobKeeper payments. Information here.
  • Instant asset write off threshold has been increased to $150,000. Information here.
  • Businesses will be able to deduct 50 per cent of the cost of an eligible asset on installation. Information here.
  • Income support payments have been expanded and accelerated. Information here.
  • $1 billion support fund for affected regions communities and industries. Information here.
  • Cash flow funding for businesses turning over less than $50 million. Information here.
  • Tax relief for businesses. Information here.


Expression of interest for manufacturing and services help

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is seeking expression of interests from manufacturers and individuals who can assist by supplying goods, services or knowledge during the pandemic. Expression of interests will be called upon if a project or initiative fits your listed capabilities. More info.


Productivity working from home

Options Consulting Group recently conducted research on the productivity of people working from home during the pandemic. Find results here.


Mental health support

If you or someone you know are experiencing increased worry and stress during this time, there are support number services available.

This Way Up is offering free access to all courses during COVID-19. The online courses will help you with your mental wellbeing during this stressful period. information here.


Other information

The AusIndustry Contact Centre (t: 13 28 46) and are playing key roles in promoting and advising small businesses on the new packages. The teams will be available from 8am-8pm, 7 days per week to answer stimulus package related questions. Stimulus FAQ sheet.

  • Victorian Government Business Survival Package. Information here.
  • Victorian Government Employees Support Package. Information here.
  • Australian Tax Office support for small business. information here.


More information